Advanced Internet Searching Tips – pt. 2/6

Advanced searching allows you to limit results and helps you break through ranking algorithms to find those useful documents that are multiple levels deep.

Today’s tip: FIELD searching + keywords

FIELD searching forces the search engine to look for your terms only in a specific field, such as the URL or page title. Examples:

(searches in the URL only for the word “education”)

intitle:index.of coldplay mp3
(searches page titles for the phrase “index of.”) This is handy for accessing parent directories. For example: intitle:index.of “parent directory” education

Watch your spacing with FIELD searching. The FIELD search command ends when you input a space. This is why intitle:index.of is correct (with the period) and intitle:index of (with a space) is incorrect.

The tips in this weekly update are from a January 2006 presentation for SLA. Beyond the Basics of Internet Search Engines: Choosing and Using the Best Features of the Major Engines, Rita Vine, MLS,


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