Podcast Factory for faculty and staff use

After attending the Gateway Consortium’s Educational Technology Workshop on June 22-23, 2006, I decided to purchase Podcast Factory for those who are ready for this cutting edge technology. This new tool is in the TLC (LRC 238)for faculty/staff use on college-related projects. I found the following review from PC Magazine helpful.

By Mike Kobrin
M-Audio Podcast Factory is a good end-to-end solution for people who want to create high-quality podcasts with a minimum amount of fuss. The hardware—a microphone, a desktop mic stand, a USB audio interface, and cables—is easy to set up, but the included recording and publishing software (which is also free on the Web) may not be appropriate for total beginners. I set this system up in less than five minutes, created a simple podcast, and got it ready for publishing within just a few more minutes, with very good results. But the audio interface (a relabeled M-Audio Fast Track USB) requires some knob tweaking, and newbies have to learn the two completely different included apps—Audacity and Podifier—rather than a single integrated piece of software.

Podcasting has become one of the most popular ways of publishing audio content on the Web for people to download and listen to on their portable devices. A basic podcast consists of an MP3 file that you upload to a publicly accessible server. You create a pointer to it (called an RSS file), upload that to the server, and submit it to a directory.

Contact Bob Gill or Jim Dreyer for a demonstration.


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