World and I Journal

Did you know that SCC has access to the World and I Journal online?

From their website: is a comprehensive academic resource that encompasses a broad range of articles by scholars and experts in the areas of Global Studies, Liberal Arts, Fine & Applied Arts, General Science, and Spanish. Originally published monthly in print as The World & I, our site includes the complete contents since 1986 and continues to publish a new issue online each month.

Among our features …

The Global Studies page presents Our World: Sights & Stories, highlighting peoples around the world through thousands of images and culture-oriented articles; In the Spotlight; over 400 Special Reports by region or culture; and a number of Special Collections, ranging from Worldwide Folktales to Traveling the Globe.

The Liberal Arts page features Special Reports on everything from Communications, History, and International Studies to Law, Political Science, Psychology, and more. Sample Special Collections include Writers and Writing, Eye on the High Court, and Fathers of Faith.

The Fine & Applied Arts page displays a glorious collection of over 1,000 articles reviewing the creative output of artists and performers in the areas of music, art, dance, theater, architecture, and crafts.

The General Science page provides highly respected collections on Scientists: Past & Present, Genes and Biotechnology, the vast World of Nature, and more, as well as Science Updates addressing current issues in the scientific arena.

The Spanish page presents articles in Spanish from Tiempos del Mundo, a prestigious newsweekly published in the U.S. and 15 countries of Latin America. Includes audio version, exercises, and translation, as well as cultural studies of Latin American countries in English.


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