Receive new articles from your favorite journals, instantly!

How would you like to keep abreast of the latest contents in your favorite journal? Sign up for EBSCOhost Journal Alert service. You will receive emails (instant full text articles in many cases) automatically as new issues of your journal appear.  Here’s how:

Setting Up a Journal Alert

1.      Click the Publications link on the tabbed tool bar from any search screen. To locate the publication, enter the title in the Browse Publications field and click Browse. If there is no Publications link, click the Choose Databases on the tabbed tool bar. Select a specific database, Publications link will appear.

2.      From the journal’s Publication Details Screen, click the Journal Alert link. If you have not already signed in to My EBSCOhost, you will be prompted to do so, or click “I am a new user” to create a My EBSCOhost account.

3.      The Journal Alert Screen appears. The Journal Alert name, Date Created, and Database name are automatically filled in. Fill in the appropriate information for the rest of the page click Save. You will be returned to the Publication Details Screen. A message is displayed that indicates a journal alert has been set for the publication.


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