C-SPAN? It’s Better Than You Think

… and it’s all online.

Check out the C-SPAN Video Library!

“[Visited Jun’10] Although long ridiculed as being the most boring thing on television, the C-SPAN network (CH, Sup’05, 42Sup-0635) has provided an invaluable public service by recording and broadcasting various federal government events such as press conferences, bill signing ceremonies, political meetings, congressional hearings and debates, and other activities that might be of interest to US citizens and anyone following US politics. Recent examples include videos on the Gulf oil spill and jobs and the economy, and notable past topics include the Iran-Contra hearings, the Clinton impeachment drama, and discussions about going to war after 9/11. Since 1987, more than 160,000 hours have been recorded, and digital copies of these materials are now available online through this video library. These streaming videos are great teaching tools for history or political science classroom use, and can be freely accessed by students outside of class. The site allows one to search for programs by topic and series, by congressional committee, and also by the most recent and most popular programs. The Congress section includes data on congressional member days on the chamber floors. The Browse section includes links to the Booknotes and Book TV programs, related programs and Web sites, and current events . . .”
— from Choice Reviews Online.  Reviewed by D. K. Blewett, College of DuPage


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