So You’re Into Science?

We found a few “science-centric” blogs we thought we’d point out to you in case you were looking for new places to keep up-to-date with scientific developments and interesting research.  Check them out when you get some free time:

PLoS Blogs, from the Public Library of Science, distributes scientific and medical information.  Scientists, physicians, journalists, and researchers write for this network.  It contains no ads, and ‘all material is posted to the blog under the Create Commons Open Access License (CCAL 3.0 Commercial).’  This allows authors to retain their copyrights but also allows for work to be distributed as long as credit is given.  There are three types of blogs on the network: the main staff-produced PLoS blog, the journal blogs (Speaking of Medicine and everyONE) produced by PLoS journals staff, and an independent network called the PLoS Blogosphere.”

ScienceBlogs has traditionally been one of the top science blogging networks . . . ScienceBlogs covers life science, physical science, the environment, humanities, medicine, technology, and other areas, such as information science.”

– O’Gorman, Jack.  “Science Blogs and Tweets.”  Booklist December 1, 2010: 71. Print.


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