Think stats are boring?  Think again with

Gapminder world is the primary product of the Gapminder website, and it provides a dramatic visual presentation of data and statistical time series. . . The website allows comparison of countries by displaying charts and maps on the fly for some 500 indicators (relating to health, income, education, energy, the environment, technology, and more).  This free resource draws data from traditional sources, such as the United Nations, World Bank, and OECD, and from lesser-known sources such as the Centre for Research on Epidemiology of Disasters and British Petroleum.  Using the Gapminder tutorial to understand the site is essential it is not immediately intuitive and uses few labels.  However, once one views the 2.5-minute tutorial, the site’s functionality makes sense and Gapminder becomes easy to navigate. . . Charts are color-coded by region to make comparison easier, and users may select multiple countries for comparison (and make non-selected countries transparent to reduce confusion). . . This tool should be useful for undergraduate students and for anyone interested in seeing data in new ways.  Since users can easily see data sources and get to source data, this is a valuable research tool.” – from Choice Reviews Online, reviewed by: J.M. Burroughs, University of Montana


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