Need a Study Break? Cook Something!

The semester’s well under way – there’s no need to feel too stressed by assignments and papers, but sometimes you need a study break to help keep you refreshed and prepared to hit the books with renewed vigor.  Exercise would be a great study break idea (especially with this amazing weather!), but what about cooking?  Celebrity chefs are all over the place, there are more food memoirs and cookbooks than you can count, Top Chef is one of Bravo’s top shows – food and cooking have become “IN” things and you should embrace them!  Branch out from fast food and microwavable meals and try cooking/baking something from scratch.  You’ll be impressed with what you can do…

We just stumbled across by way of the Huffington Post and we’re already pretty impressed:
Foodily is a search engine just for food that aggregates over a million recipes from around the web and offers a slew of social sharing tools to enable users to trade cooking tips and recommendations. . . The site’s index has recipes culled from more than a hundred sources ranging from TV’s top chefs to food bloggers with a knack for cooking.” (

Check it out when you get a chance.  You can also take a peek at the books about cooking we have at the library here.

Here’s a quick video explaining


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