June is National LGBTQ Pride Month!

Can you believe it’s already June?!  Well, in addition to the fabulous weather, June is also National LGBTQ Pride Month.  You can check out President Obama’s Presidential Proclamation declaring the significance of this month here.  The White House also launched a website dedicated to the issues mentioned in the President’s proclamation – you can find that site here.

The Library of Congress also has a web page dedicated to LGBTQ Pride Month.

If you’re interested in reading more about the LGBTQ community we have a number of books here at the library you can check out.  Here are just a few:

Queer America | Call # HQ 76.3 .U5 E35 2008

Queer Questions, Clear Answers | Call # HQ 23 .S457 2010

Gay Life and Culture: A World History | Call # HQ 76 .G329 2006

From the Closet to the Courtroom | Call # KF 4754.5 .A53 B35 2010


7 thoughts on “June is National LGBTQ Pride Month!

  1. Why does who you have sex with or what gender you feel you are need a pride month and why does our public college need to promote it!?!? The President said in his proclamation, and I quote “We rededicate ourselves to the pursuit of equal rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.” So I’m with Michelle, when are we going to get our equal rights and get Christian Pride Month or at the very least since this is about sexual orientation, how about National Heterosexual Pride Month or National Straight Pride Month!!!

  2. The LGBTQ population of the United States is one of the most underrepresented populations in the United States. On the other hand, 80 percent of the population identifies as Christian. So, it would be overkill to have a Christian Pride month. On a more serious note, if you don’t have anything constructive to say, do not say it. Students, staff, and faculty have found it appropriate to promote Pride Month. If you do not like it, or do not find it appropriate, maybe you should form a group or get involved with the school.

    Otherwise, the above posters are apparent bigots with low class.

  3. Have you ever feard not getting a job because of being a Christian? What about losing your house because there are no laws that prevent landlords from evicting you for being Christian? Were you ever worried that your family would disown you for being Christian? This month is used to empower LGBTQ who face these struggles everyday with often minimal to no protection under the law or otherwise. Much like Black History Month or Women’s Month, this is a time to reflect on the daily strifes they have endured and celebrate the progress they have made. Would you deny them their months too? Are the LGBTQ any less human and deserving of these things just because you don’t like them? Discussion is fine, but please don’t rain on others parades just beacuae it’s not all about you. Please don’t go insulting these people by comparing the many more rights that an average Christian has to this one month of small recognition towards the lack of rights these people STILL endure. Thank you

  4. First of all, thank you Edmond.
    The promotion of hate is never a good thing. I believe in a power greater than ourselves….one who created the heavens and earth……and one who created their ‘children’ to live on the earth in peace, prosperity and harmony.
    The God I believe in, the one who created me through my parents has shown me nothing but love, compassion and direction to fulfill the destiny and potential they gave me the ability to achieve. The God I believe in loves me…….and yes, loves me regardless of me being a white woman with blonde hair and hazel eyes…..and regardless of being a lesbian.
    Many times I’ve heard Christians say that God makes no mistakes….but then point to others who are different than themselves and allow their ignorance cloud their basic belief.
    To the haters, I feel sincere sorrow for you.

  5. Hi All,
    First of all I am a student at SCC, so to say students, staff, and faculty all promote this is not accurate. I am a student and I don’t promote it. I know LOTS of other students at SCC that would not promote it either. Does this make me a hater or a biggot, just because I disagree with you!? Not in the least. You want tolerance from me to accept you, but yet when I disagree with you why are you not tolerant with me and accept my view?? I DO NOT hate the gay community, I have had friends that are gay. I have worked with and hung out with gay people. I truly like them as friends. The difference is I don’t agree with there lifestyle, and that is my “equal right”. I also DO NOT think any of the LGBTQ community is any less human, below me, or less equal than I. We were all created in GOD’s image and that means they or I are not better than the other.
    Also equating Black History Month and Women’s Month with Gay Pride Month is not the same. No I would not deny BHM or WM their month. But that is also because that is inequality being forced upon them based solely on who and what they are NOT what they do or what their actions are.
    My problem is that we are setting aside a month to celebrate and promote a group because of who they have sex with! I don’t feel that a person’s sexual preferrences should be the basis for a time set aside of promotion and celebration.

  6. Joe, first, my disagreeing with you does not prevent you from the equality for ALL of our citizens as written in the Constitutio of the United States.
    Second, it only demonstrates your lack of really understanding the situation. It’s not a life style, it’s a life. Seriously now, do you really think anyone would choose their lives to be targets of hate which often times equate to violence against them?
    PRIDE is not set aside because of whom I love, but rather for the equality it represents
    You remind me of an old friend of mine who told me once they taught their children to say ‘nickel’ instead of the ‘n’ word when it came to people of color. They didn’t understand it had the same meaning. She realized, after much self reflection that not only does understanding and tolerance need to be in one’s mind, but in one’s heart as well. It seems it’s in your head Joe, I hope someday, you feel it in your heart.

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