Interested in a New Search Engine? Try DuckDuckGo


So it’s easy to fall into the Google mindset where that’s the first/only search engine you use.  Google has ALL the answers.  Right?

Actually (and you might have heard this before), not all search engines will give you the same results.  They have their own unique formulas for how they search the web and bring results based on the search words you used.  Check out, enter your search words in the box and click “search” – it will then allow you to see the results of your search from a number of different search engines.

With that in mind, there’s a relatively new search engine you should try out.  It’s called DuckDuckGo.

Some of the key features of this search engine include:

  • It offers an endless scroll of results.  You don’t have to keep clicking “next” to go to the next page of results
  • Unlike Google, there’s no “search-tracking” feature.  This means that none of your past searches will influence the kinds of results you get in the future and your searching information won’t be passed along to advertisers
  • Above your results they have something called “zero-click info” – this is a brief snapshot of information on the topic your searching about
  • They have a number of “goodies” available to you – easy ways to do things like conversions, calculations, obtain nutrition information, etc.
  • There’s a lot less spam and clutter from useless websites

Here’s a sample search so you can see how things will look:

It’s a nice, clean layout.  Just something new to try the next time you’ve got to do a quick search for something.  Let us know what you think of it!


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