National Library of Medicine – History of Medicine: Digital Resources!

The National Library of Medicine has a number of digitized resources that look at the history of medicine.  If you’re a nursing student or someone interested in pursuing any other type of medical profession you should check this resource out.  The digitized materials cover a broad spectrum of cultures and a lengthy period of time.

Thanks to this resource you can check out historical American medical texts, look at historical anatomies online (pulled from materials published in places like Iran, the Netherlands, Rome, and Japan), you can check out rare medical books, and you have access to a number of online exhibits and other digitized projects (you should definitely check out the Digital Collections: Films and Video section).  Another awesome element to this website is that it offers access to online syllabi pertaining to the history of medicine – so you can do your own personal self-study if you want.

Reviewed in Choice Reviews Online, reviewer J.S. Jameson explains:

“These digitized collections from the National Library of Medicine include a wealth of materials covering the history of medicine–from the primitive treatments of the Middle Ages to contemporary milestones and medical breakthroughs. The main page’s plain and simple format might mislead users into thinking that the content within is mediocre. The site features [16] links, each connecting to a different digital collection. All are far from mediocre. The bulk of digitized material includes books, manuscripts, prints, photographs, and video. Users who are searching or browsing the collections will find the interfaces colorful, attractive, and fun to use.”

Have fun with it!  Let us know what you think of the resource in the comments section 🙂


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