Drug Information Portal

If you’re pursuing a career in the medical profession, have a love of chemistry, or are just curious about certain types of medication the Drug Information Portal, developed by the National Library of Medicine, should be one of the first resources you check out.

The interface is very straight-forward and user-friendly.  You’re presented with one search box and the option to search by name or category.  Once you start typing you’ll receive optional auto-complete drug names.  And if you happen to misspell something the Drug Information Portal will provide you with a list of drug names and descriptions to help you find the medication you’re looking for.  The portal currently provides access to search for over 17,000 drugs.  The Drug Information Portal “covers drugs from the time they are entered into clinical trials (Clinicaltrials.gov) through their entry in the U.S. market place (Drugs@FDA).”

This resource will provide you with a brief summary of the drug and the different medical categories it falls under.  It then offers links to other medical resources for more in-depth summary information and additional resources about the drug.  Resources it links to include: MedLinePlus, DailyMed, HSDB, PubChem and more.

Be sure to head here the next time you find yourself in need of drug information.  It’s a resource that we think you’ll find very helpful.


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