The Periodic Table of Videos

The Periodic Table of Videos is a really fun resource – especially for all you chemistry people out there ;).  The website was developed (and continues to be updated) by the University of Nottingham.  The site opens to a large-scale periodic table of elements.  Each of the 118 elements is hyperlinked so that when you click on it you will be linked to a short video clip.  Each clip offers a brief introduction about the particular element, providing an overview of the elements properties and typical usage.  Live demonstrations are also included (when possible) so you can see the element in action.

This is a really interesting site – even for those who don’t feel they are “chemistry-minded.”  You can definitely learn a lot, and it isn’t intimidating at all.

There are also additional videos which you can link to from the toolbar across the top of the website.  Definitely play around with these.  There are videos about things like the royal engagement ring Prince William gave to Kate Middleton wherein the makeup of things like sapphires, diamond, and gold are discussed.  There are also videos on things like the properties of Viagra, frog poison, and the make up of the World Cup trophy.

You should check out this website – there’s no question that you’ll come away from it having learned something very interesting.


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