PROJECTNorman – Digital Collections

PROJECTNorman is a great resource for those with an interest in art, American culture and, more specifically, Norman Rockwell.  This Project (which has been going on since 2003) is working to preserve and provide access to the Norman Rockwell art and archival collection to students, researchers, and the general public.  For direct access to the digital collection, click here.

Included in this resource are: 4,400 of the artist’s drawing and paintings; the entire contents of Rockwell’s last working studio; over 20,000 photographs, selected correspondence, and illustrated print material from the Rockwell archives; and art and other ephemera from other known American illustrators.

You have a number of options to look through the collection.  You can browse highlights of the collection (featured on the right-side of the digital collection page), or you can do a basic search using the search box at the top.  When you click on an image of interest it will provide a larger version of that image while also offering detailed information about it – things like title, creation date, and a description.  Make sure to check out the detailed descriptions if provided, you’ll often find background information provided by a museum curator, including direct quotations from Rockwell himself about the object in question.

The images included are of a lower resolution and may not be reproduced, but since we have access to the ARTstor database you can gain access to some high quality Rockwell images there.

This digital collection is a great resource, providing supplementary information about Rockwell as an artist.  Check out the rest of the resources offered by the Norman Rockwell Museum – have fun with it!



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