The Occupational Outlook Handbook

So you might already know what you want to do when you graduate, or maybe you have a few ideas you’re considering.  For a little more information about your ideal job check out The Occupational Outlook Handbook.  Published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this online resource provides you with quality background information to review while you consider your job prospects.  Things you’ll discover include:

  • the type of training and education you’ll need
  • average income
  • expected job opportunities/prospects
  • the type of work done on the job
  • typical working conditions

This can be a really helpful resource as you figure out what you want to do with your life and what will be required of you to get that position.

You can search by looking through the alphabetical index or by simply entering your profession of interest in the search box.  Ways to access both of these methods are pointed out with green arrows in the screenshot below.

Take advantage of this free resource to educate yourself before you officially start the job search!

Feel free to leave comments letting us know what you think of The Occupational Outlook Handbook.  We hope you find it helpful!


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