Come See Our PoeTREE!

April is National Poetry Month!  In honor of that we’ve put up a PoeTREE on the first floor of the library.  You can come read poems people have added, write a poem yourself and hang it up, or write down a poem you love and place it on the tree.

We also have a number of poetry books on display that you should feel free to browse through or check out.  It’s easy to overlook poetry but it is such a moving medium – whether it bring tears to your eyes or forces you to laugh out loud.  There’s no question that a good poem can pack a punch.  Remember how much fun it was reading Shel Silverstein when you were younger?  Or maybe you prefer Robert Frost?  Rita Dove?  The options are endless!

So come check out our “Tree” and add a little something to it!  We’ll look forward to reading your contributions!

And we’ll leave you with a poem:

may favor obscure brainy aptitudes in you
and a love of the past so blind you would
venture, always securing permission,
into the back library stacks, without food
or water because you have a mission:
to find yourself, in the regulated light,
holding a volume in your hands as you
yourself might like to be held.  Mostly your life
will be voices and images.  Information.  You
may go a long way alone, and travel much
to open a book to renew your touch.

– “Chance” by Molly Peacock

*Special shout out to the McIntyre Library at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire for sharing this great idea with us!*


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