The Times They are A-Changin’…

You may have heard whisperings that you’ll soon have to pay to print in the library. We just wanted to let you know that what you’ve heard is correct. Starting this Fall 2012 semester SCC will be implementing a campus-wide “Pay for Print” system. To give you a little insight, over the 2011-2012 school year the library alone spent over $15,000 on paper and toner. Sadly, many of the pages printed were never claimed. In an effort to reduce wasteful printing and to be more environmentally friendly, St. Charles Community College established a pay for print program in the library and at the other open computer labs. The charges for printing will be $.10 for one-side and $.15 for double-sided printing.

We know that for some of you this seems like a big change, but we promise it’s for the best. As a helpful hint, be sure to keep your SCC ID with you when you come to campus because when you do need to print you’ll need to know your SCC ID #.

See you soon!


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