Library Finds! (KM Edition – Heard about Ebrary?)

Welcome to SCC! The library has a new collection of e-books called Ebrary. E-books from Ebrary can be checked out and downloaded to your computer and many mobile devices. If you try to access Ebrary off-campus, you will be asked to log in with your student ID number and last name. Below is a list of e-books to help you get started in your college career. Have a great semester!

How to Survive Your Freshman Year: By Hundreds of College Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors Who Did
by Mark W. Bernstein, Yadin Kaufmann, and Frances Northcutt

How to Get A’s in College: Hundreds of Student-Tested Tips
by Hundreds of Heads

1001 Ways to Pay for College: Practical Strategies to Make Any College Affordable
by Glen Tanabe and Kelly Tanabe

Adult Student’s Guide to Survival and Success
by Al Siebert and Mary Karr

Community College Guide: The Essential Reference from Application to Graduation
by Joshua Halberstam and Debra Gonsher

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