Mastering Citations

The fall semester is underway and we know you’re starting to wrap your minds around upcoming assignments and papers. One thing it’s helpful to stay on top of is writing the citations for the sources you use as you use them. That way you don’t have to struggle with it later as you try to remember what the title of a book was or who wrote that one article.

Citations definitely aren’t most people’s favorite thing, but fortunately the Reference Librarians are here to help! Feel free to come up to the Reference Desk with questions and we’ll work to find the proper citation format for your needs. We also have a number of resources readily available to help with citations if you prefer to try and figure things out on your own – next to the Reference Desk we have Citation Guides for MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian printed out for you to take. The guides are also available from our website – you can access them here.

Other options for citation help include Purdue OWL, the Purdue Online Writing Lab, and the University of North Carolina’s “Citing Information” page. Both resources present things clearly and can walk you through some of the “trickier” citations.

Good luck with everything – and be sure to always cite your sources. If you do it as you research we promise it will make life easier 🙂


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