Google Art Project

Google Art Project

What doesn’t Google have its hands in? The Google Art Project is a project that is a part of the Google Cultural Institute. Various museums from more than 40 countries have contributed tens of thousands of high-resolution images of different works of art held within their walls. The museums involved range from the well-known (like the MOMA and the Smithsonian American Art Museum) to those you might not otherwise have been exposed to (like the Museo Frida Kahlo and the Museo del Oro). The Google Art Project is a great way to gain exposure to various works of art and museums.

This resource was recently reviewed in CHOICE Reviews and the highlights are explained well by E. M. Hansen of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh:

Google started this revolutionary and comprehensive Art Project in 2011 with 17 participating art institutions… [It] now includes 37,000-plus artworks, 7,700-plus artists, more than 12,400 galleries, and 184 collections of art in 40 countries. Many of the world’s major art museums have joined, as have many smaller collections in nonurban areas, university galleries, those collecting non-Western art, and special collections such as that of the White House…
Perhaps the most exciting new enhancement is the capability to view each work in much greater detail. Each collection represented on the website features one work that is illustrated with such clarity (seven billion pixels) that even the tiniest details can be studied. The My Galleries feature allows users to create their own collections, providing a curatorial experience for students of art history; collections may be shared with anyone. Users have the option of browsing by Collections, Artists, Artworks, or User Galleries… By clicking on the image of an artwork, users gain access to basic information that may include a description, history of the provenance, viewing notes, a video, a map of relevant locations, and links to other works by the same artist and the museums where they are located.

Check it out and let us know what you think!


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