Check It Out: Movies at the Library


Do you know what a lot of people forget about? The fact that we have lots of movies here at the library that our SCC family can check out! We have academy award winners, we have documentaries, we have horror films! Plus a lot more!

One way you can check out the videos we have on hand is through our Video List, which is linked on the Library homepage. The other thing you can do is search in the library catalog by film title, or if you’re just doing a basic search on a topic of interest you can look at the icon next to the items in your results list and see if we have a film that suits your needs 🙂

Check out time varies depending on if a movie has been placed on Reserve (meaning a professor needs to keep it at the Library so it’s accessible to their students). If it’s not on Reserve our movies typically check out for 3 days.

When you find a movie you like, simply write down the call number and take it to the Circulation Desk. One of our fabulous Circulation Assistants will get the film and check it out to you.

Here’s a quick sampling of our collection: The Departed, The Natural, The Breakfast Club, Fargo, Silver Linings Playbook, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and so many more…

See you soon!


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