Library Finds! (TF Edition – Sins)

Theresa couldn’t tell you what inspired this week’s Library Finds! theme but you have to admit it catches your attention 😉


Envy (The Seven Deadly Sins)
by Joseph Epstein
BF 575 .E65 E67 2003


Gluttony (The Seven Deadly Sins)
by Francine Prose
BV 4627 .G5 P76 2003


Lust (The Seven Deadly Sins)
by Simon Blackburn
BV 4627 .L8  B585 2004


Greed (The Seven Deadly Sins)
by Phyllis A. Tickle
BV 4627 .A8 T53 2004

In Defense of Sin

In Defense of Sin
edited by John Portmann
BJ 1275 .I52 2001

Original Sin

Original Sin: A Cultural History
by Alan Jacobs
BT 720 .J33 2008


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