Happy Birthday, Alfred Hitchcock!


August 13 marks the birthday of the famous director, Alfred Hitchcock. Born in 1899 he would have been 114 today. Hitchcock was known for his directorial talents and his skill at bringing suspense and psychological thrillers to life on the screen. Fortunately for you we have a number of his films here in the library, not to mention quite a few books written about the man should you want to learn more (just type “Alfred Hitchcock” in the library catalog and see what comes up!).

A few random facts compliments of IMDB.com:

  • Because he made the movie “Psycho” Walt Disney refused to allow him to film at Disneyland in the early 1960s
  • Hitchcock had a phobia of eggs
  • You can find him making a trademark cameo in all of his films
  • He never won a “Best Director” Oscar in competition

We’ll end this with a laugh rather than suspense. Check out this SNL “Rear Window” sketch:


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