Global Shakespeares


Do you love Shakespeare? Are you taking a Shakespeare course this semester? Take the time to check out MIT’s website Global Shakespearesan open source site that has cataloged numerous video clips of Shakespearean performances in addition to essays and interviews. The clips of performances come from all over the world so you get different interpretations of Shakespeare’s plays.

Reviewed in CHOICE Reviews here’s what J. Stevens of George Mason University had to say:

Global Shakespeares is a collaborative open access online project based at MIT. Focusing on Shakespeare as an international figure, the site brings together videos, video clips, articles, and academic commentary from around the world. It currently includes East and Southeastern Asia, India, Brazil, Europe, and the Arab world; additional geographic regions will be added in the future… Video clips include excerpts from productions, as well as shorter items. One is “Richard III: An Arab Tragedy: News Night,” which includes a number of modern and cultural references such as the United Nations, Islam, DNA, and the Internet. There are about 30 videos of full productions and a catalog of some 400 theatrical productions. These have varying amounts of commentary and other notes attached to them, more of which will be added as the project develops. Other materials include production scripts, academic essays and articles, a bibliography of research materials, and a glossary of theatrical terms.

So check it out. It’s definitely an interesting resource.


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