Library Finds! (YL Edition – The Iceman!)

Ying certainly picked an interesting topic for this week’s Library Finds!

On Thursday, September 19, 1991, Otzi the Iceman was discovered by two German hikers in the Italian Alps near the Italy and Austria border. And the rest is history – here are just a few resources we have here in the library to give you some more information:


Iceman: Uncovering the Life and Times of a Prehistoric Man Found in an Alpine Glacier
by Brenda Fowler
GN 778.22 .I8 F68 2000

Iceman Murder Mystery

Iceman Murder Mystery
A Nova and National Geographic Production
DVD – GN 776.22 .I8 I24 2011


Discovery! : Unearthing the New Treasures of Archaeology
edited by Brian M. Fagan
CC 165 .D57 2007

Human Mummies

Human Mummies: A Global Survey of Their Status and the Techniques of Conservation
edited by Kate Spindler et al.
GN 293 .H85 1996

Bioarchaeological Science

Bioarchaeological Science: What We Have Learned from Human Skeletal Remains
by Elizabeth Weiss


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