Database Update: Introducing Artemis Literary Sources

Gale Cengage, producers of Literature Resource Center and Literary Criticism Online, has introduced a new product that allows users to search both resources at the same time called Artemis Literary Sources.


 It has a very easy, clean search screen and they have added a few other new features as well:

  •  Subject Indexing. The addition of detailed subject indexing helps with content discovery across collections, drawing connections that simple search and retrieve cannot achieve—revealing related concepts and terms to expand thinking and exploration.
  • Term Clusters. Users can see topics that commonly occur in relation to their search term, which helps uncover hidden connections, or can be a helpful starting point in the early stages of research.
  • Term Frequency. This allows users to see the frequency of their search term(s) in the content over time, which can suggest the importance of particular concepts during given periods. Now, users can ask new questions of historical data e.g. Is there a connection between “bread” and “revolution”?

term clusters

Make sure you check out this great database update! We have a feeling both English students and faculty will appreciate it 😉


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