Muslim Journeys – Our “Pathways of Faith” Titles!

We took a brief hiatus, but now we’re back to highlight another Muslim Journeys theme! This time we’re going to check out the Pathways of Faith theme developed by Frederick M. Denny of the University of Colorado:

Following the correct pathway to spiritual fulfillment and success is a key Islamic principle. Readings for this theme explore the basic requirements for learning and obeying the precepts of the Qur’an, following Muhammad’s teachings, and engaging in specific formal practices. Also introduced are the pathways leading from Judaism and Christianity to Islam, the youngest of the three Abrahamic religions; the divergent paths followed by the Sunni and Shia communities; and the mystical routes to spiritual fulfillment known as Sufism.

Denny has also written an essay for the Pathways of Faith theme that offers a more detailed explanation of the theme itself and the books chosen to represent it:

Make sure you stop by the Reference Desk to see these titles and more at our Muslim Journeys display!

Pathways of Faith


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