It’s National Poetry Month!

National Poetry Month

For most people poetry isn’t something they think about often or incorporate into their lives after they’ve been forced to read it in school. But poetry can be such an amazing experience whether you’re reading it, listening to it, or writing it. We hope you take advantage of National Poetry Month and take the time to read a poem. You might find a poet you fall in love with, or one poem that just seems to speak to you. One of the many wonderful qualities of poetry is that such attention is paid to the language and the choice of words that the beauty and the thought process are conveyed in a way that seems effortless. Poems can make you laugh, cry, smile, reflect, gain perspective… you name it.

We have a small display up in the library with a few books of poetry just waiting to be checked out. Plus we have lots more poetry collections upstairs on our shelves!

Below you’ll find a TED talk from former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins – it’s 15 minutes worth checking out. He’s a poet known for his broad appeal and accessibility.

Happy National Poetry Month!


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