Closing Out National Poetry Month

Poetry Month

It’s hard to believe that this is the last day of April! How is May arriving so quickly?!

We couldn’t end the month without offering up one more post in honor of National Poetry Month. One of the top resources we discovered is Poetry Out Loud‘s page “Listen to Poetry.” There are numerous classic poems being recited by various actors and poets and there is some additional insight into poetry provided by some of the poets themselves. Think of it as offering quick, dirty, and engaging exposure to poetry by people who know how to read it. Click around if you like, or go through all of the audio. It will definitely capture your attention:)

And if you’re looking for some suggestions of poetry you might like based on your readings tastes The Huffington Post has you covered. They’ve made a list of 7 Poetry Collections for Every Reader. See if you agree with their assessment 😉

Thanks for celebrating National Poetry Month with us! Try to remember to incorporate a little poetry into your life throughout the year – it can work wonders.


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