FIFA World Cup 2014

Fifa World Cup

The FIFA World Cup only comes around every four years and this has been the case ever since the very first tournament in 1930. The 2014 World Cup kicks off in Brazil today with the first match between Brazil and Croatia. People are all kinds of excited and you should join in the fun of watching the games which will culminate on Sunday, July 13 with the final match. If you need tips on where to go to watch the matches the Riverfront Times has you covered with their list of “The 7 Best Places to Watch the 2014 World Cup in St. Louis.”

To help get you in the mood we have a few books in the library that look at the World Cup specifically and the worldwide appeal of soccer more generally:

The World Cup the Complete History

The World Cup: The Complete History by Terry Crouch
GV 943.49 .C76 2006

Africa's World Cup

Africa’s World Cup: Critical Reflections on Play, Patriotism, Spectatorship, and Space
edited by Peter Alegi and Chris Bolsmann
GV 943.5 2010 .A57 2013

Complete Book of the World Cup 2006

Complete Book of the World Cup 2006 by Cris Freddi
GV 943.49 .F74 2006


Soccernomics by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski
GV 943.9 .S64 J88 2009


Football: A Sociology of the Global Game by Richard Giulianotti
GV 943.9 .S64 G576 1999

So get excited for the World Cup!


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