The Joys of Summer Reading

Belle loves books

So we’re just slightly past the halfway point of summer – finals for summer classes are underway and the fall semester official starts on August 16 (but pre-fall classes begin sooner: July 29 – we can’t wait!). But that doesn’t mean you don’t still have time to get in some leisure reading. Summer is the perfect time to pick up a good book and just relax. You can read outside when it’s nice (thank you for last week, Polar Vortex!) or cozy up inside with the a/c when St. Louis’s standard humid summer days are in full force.

This summer NPR focused on a special project that they referred to as the “Book Your Trip” project. This project is “a series that is much more about the journey than the destination, and aims to create a surprising, serendipitous book discovery experience for the summer months.” With this in mind they came up with 12 lists, all of which focus on a specific means of transportation. They provide an excellent way to discover something new. Below are the lists they created which you can feel free to add to as you please. Happy reading!

Book Your Trip Reading Lists:



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