We’re Glad You’re Here!

back to school

The Fall Semester is officially underway and it feels great having so many students on campus! We hope the semester is off to a good start and you’re enjoying life here at SCC.

As a friendly reminder the library is here to help make your time at SCC as rewarding as possible. If you have to do research for a class – come to us! We have over 70,000 books on the shelves, access to 170,000+ eBooks, more than 40 databases, plus numerous magazines and academic journals in print. We have 4 Reference Librarians who are happy to assist you with your research when the time comes. It might seem stressful, but done correctly (and with good time management 😉 ) research can be fun (promise!).

You can speak with a librarian face-to-face, via chat on our website, on the phone (636.922.8620), or via text (636.487.5SCC) during the hours the library is open.

While you’re here you also have access to MOBIUS – an arrangement we have with libraries around the state (and beyond!) that allows us to share books with one another. This gives YOU access to over 27 million titles! You can request books for help with your studies or for fun.

We also have an FAQ section on our website to help you with any quick questions you might have about the library and our services. Plus we’re on Facebook!

And just so you know, while we’re here to support you academically we also have a number of books and magazines you can read for fun and we have 6 color Nooks (pre-loaded with fiction and non-fiction titles) that you can check out at the circulation desk.

Good luck with classes! We’ll look forward to seeing you soon!


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