PBS Online Film Festival is Underway!

PBS Online Film Festival logo

June 15 marks the beginning of the 2015 PBS Online Film Festival! This festival has been going on for a few years now and you get access to 25 short independent films online from June 15 – July 17.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting offers up succinct summaries of each available film:

  • “I Am a Fly Fisher” After surviving cancer, Pudge Kleinkauf decided to spend her life doing what she loves: fly fishing.
  • “I Am an Alaska Native Dancer” Follow Haliehana Stepetin, a master Alaska Native dancer born in Akutan, AK.
  • “Vimana” In the year 2021, India is on the verge of colonizing a new homeworld, but their advance team of astronauts remains suspended above the planet caring for their ailing captain and become the only hope for a fresh start.
  • “Sinner Victim Saint” A newlywed husband who has recently lost his wife in a tragic car accident experiences a dark turn of events that teaches him the power of sacrifice.
  • “To Kill or Not to Kill” A romantic comedy screenwriter needs to deliver a dark thriller if she wants to keep her job.
  • “Once Again” After 20 years, filmmaker John Moore uses home movies, animation, and live action footage to recall and recreate his childhood struggles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
  • “Ex-Votos” A helpless mother takes her ill daughter on a pilgrimage to the Huichol Mountains for the festival of Saint Francis.
  • “Sugarless Tea” Through humble restraint, an Indian man strives to achieve his goal of seeing his twin brother after fifty four years of separation.
  • “Banana Trip” Three South Korean college boys head to Florida for spring break.
  • “11-Minute Mile” An arrogant day-trader is delayed at an airport during the Boston Marathon bombings.
  • “Migrant Heroes” An indigenous Harvard grad pioneers Spanish- and Mixtec-language radio programming in the U.S.
  • “#TheFutureisCrowdFunded” A couple’s relationship is in jeopardy due to a successful crowdfunded venture.
  • “Disorder” A young man wakes up only to find his condition has gotten the best of him. Again.
  • “Counter” Civil rights activist Bayard Rustin spends a day in a Southern town’s diner right before a march with Dr. King.
  • “The Fishing Club” One of Hawaiʻi’s last pristine shorelines is about to be turned into a large resort, and group of close friends, The Fishing Club, are determined to stop it.
  • “Good Soil” Against the Garzweiler II coal pit, Brothers Helmut and Joachim Meier run the nursery they built 30 years ago until the very end.
  • “20/Nothing” This experimental film takes an in-depth look at a life with no depth perception as it follows Evan Smith, a man who lost his left eye many years ago.
  • “The Last Viewing” Allen Hoe tells the story of a chance encounter with a stranger who knew his son, Army 1st Lt. Nainoa K. Hoe, who died in Iraq.
  • “Great Lakes Aurora Hunters” Follow a group of photographers as they attempt to capture the elusive Northern Lights.
  • “Seed Art” Take a peek behind-the-scenes at the Minnesota State Fair to see how intricate seed art is made.
  • “Un Buen Carnicero” An immigrant butcher reveals how freedom is tied to convenience on the eve of July 4th.
  • “Kilroy was Here” A WWII pilot hanging helplessly from his tangled parachute is discovered by orphaned children.
  • “Helpless” Leah and Chayse confess their true feelings in the school library while an unknown malice lurks nearby.
  • “Isabelle’s Garden” “Isabelle’s Garden” is an uplifting story of a community coming together in reciprocity, through the hopes and dreams of a young, Choctaw girl and her garden.
  • “11 Paper Place” A love story about two sheets of paper who meet in a recycle bin.

So take advantage of this awesome free resource and check out some independent films. Let us know what you think!


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