#TravelTuesday – Greece

Greece (1)

We’re starting something new with our library blog and some hashtag inspiration. For #TravelTuesday we thought we’d take a minute and look at Greece. Odds are good you’ve been hearing lots about it for a while now thanks to the Greece debt crisis and the country potentially leaving the eurozone. With that in mind, just because you’ve heard about it doesn’t mean you could really explain what has been going on (trust us, you’re not alone).

As of yesterday, July 20, 2015, banks in Greece reopened and the country began repaying its debts. For a little background on the Greece debt crisis there are some good overviews provided by The New York Times and Vox. You can also head to NPR and read some of their pieces.

An interesting result of this economic crisis is that more people have been considering the idea of traveling to the country. If you think you’re game Rick Steves makes the case that this is a “great time to visit Greece.”

And because this is on the library blog we have to highlight a few of our fabulous materials to get you in the right frame-of-mind 🙂 We have a number of titles that look at Greece in different ways, but here are just a few to whet your appetite:

Culture and Customs of Greece

Culture and Customs of Greece by Artemis Leontis
DF 741 .L46 2009

Greece Land of Light

Greece: Land of Light by Nicholas Gage; photographs by Barry Brukoff
DF 741 .G35 2004

The Gods of Ollympus

The Gods of Olympus: A History by Barbara Graziosi
BL 783 .G675 2014

Oh My Gods

Oh My Gods: A Modern Retelling of Greek and Roman Myths by Philip Freeman
BL 782 .F73 2012


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