#FridayReads – A Little Story Time…


We made it through another week! Today we thought we’d take a different tactic with our #FridayReads and we’re going to look at reading in a slightly different way.

Remember how much fun it was being read to as a child? The appeal is still there today in the pleasure you get from things like listening to audiobooks and podcasts. When someone has a great reading voice it evokes a unique kind of comfort and a different appreciation for the written word. That’s what makes Storyline Online such an awesome resource.


This site is sponsored by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. The Foundation “records well-known actors reading children’s books and makes graphically dynamic videos” to go along with those stories.

If you have the chance to read aloud with the children in your life, by all means do so. It’s a great experience to share with them and it helps encourage a love of reading. But if you happen to be busy and still want to provide a “storytime” experience, that’s when this site can come in handy.

And hey, you don’t need to have a kid around to appreciate being read to. We won’t tell if you take advantage of this site just for yourself. Enjoy being read to by the likes of Betty White, Al Gore, Annette Bening, James Earl Jones, and more.

We’ll send you off with one of the stories on the site, Library Lion (we couldn’t resist):


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