Welcome Cougars!!!


Alright guys, it’s here! The Fall 2015 semester is officially upon us and we are pumped!

We’re so glad you’re here at SCC and want nothing more than to see you succeed.

The library (also known as the LRC) is here to help you with all kinds of things. We have computers you can access to look up your schedule, get started on homework, or check Twitter between classes. We have magazines and academic journals for you to peruse in your downtime. You can read them for fun or to immerse yourself in your field of study. Not to mention the fact that we have TONS of books available for check out. We have titles that can help you with your studies in addition to plenty of books to read for fun. PLUS we have hundreds of DVDs for you to peruse. We have documentaries, Oscar winners, musicals, and more!

All 4 (yes, 4!) of our Reference Librarians are here to help you. Feel free to stop in and say hi! Plus you can get in touch with a librarian via phone (636.922.8620) or chat on our website as long as the library is open (that means until 10 p.m. tonight).

If you have questions about the library you can always check out our FAQ section.

Here’s to a great fall term! Just know that the library is here for you 🙂

Library Logo


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