Book Club Kick-Off!

Book Club

Well, you survived the first week of classes. Congratulations! Now that you’ve gotten into the swing of things it’s time to start incorporating fun campus activities into your schedule. We always have a ton of things going on around campus and you should do what you can to participate in all the things that interest you.

One thing that’s going on this week is the kick-off meeting for SCC’s Between the Covers Book Club! The Book Club is sponsored by SCC’s Multicultural Programming Committee. It meets in the LRC Information Commons (the area in the back of the library by the Help Desk). The kick-off will be this Wednesday, August 26, at 2:30. There will be food, coffee, a giveaway, and the chance to meet new people from around campus!

Between the Covers is a book club open to students, faculty and staff. The club averages three books a semester, so it’s doable to work it in to your busy academic schedules.

We’ll look forward to seeing you!

Fall 2015 Book Club


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