MLA Update: Citations are Changing!

We know that when you are working on a paper or presentation, the Works Cited page isn’t always your favorite part. It’s easy to get hung up on what goes where and if you should be typing a period or a comma. But the point of citations is to give credit where credit is due and allow those who might be reading your work to find the sources you used if they so choose.

A good way to think of this is by viewing your work as part of a scholarly conversation. You want people to know that the points you’re making are valid and so you’re providing them with the information to go back and see the materials that led you to make the conclusions you did. This “conversation” can continue if your work inspires someone else to do some research of their own.

Jimmy Fallon Thank You Note

Well, with all that being said, if you’re used to using MLA style when writing your papers there are a few things that have changed. The newest edition of The MLA Handbook was just released and it’s approaching citations in a slightly different way. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too drastic. In fact, it might make things a little easier for you when it comes to that Works Cited page.

Check out What’s New in the Eighth Edition on the MLA website to get a feel for the updates that were made. The SCC Library will be updating our Citing Your Sources page soon. We just wanted to let you know what was coming down the pipeline so you’re ready 🙂


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