New Year, New You!


We know the “New Year, New You” tagline is cliché but it’s true!

The 2017 Spring Semester has officially begun and we’re so glad you’re here! Make the most of all that SCC has to offer!

We *obviously* have to promote the library, so this semester make it your spot! We’re here to help you succeed. Not only do we have reference librarians, thousands of books, tons of databases, and lots of computers – we also have our second floor that houses our private study rooms and the official quiet study space for the library.

You should also pay attention to what’s going on AROUND campus. Student Activities does a great job hosting events and bringing fun things to campus (Comedy Night is coming up! plus SCC’s Between the Covers book club, to name a few) – it’s a great way to meet people and to really get that “college experience.”

Take advantage of your professor’s office hours! Ask questions if you have them and get to know these people who are here because they love teaching and they love their disciplines. Fostering relationships with your teachers only makes the academic experience that much more enjoyable.

There are so many more things we can throw out there: ACE Tutoring Center! Disability Support Services! Academic Advising! we could go on and on.

SCC is here for you! Make the most of your experience 🙂

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