Presidential Timeline of the Twentieth Century

Are you a history person?  Interested in U.S. Presidents?  The Presidential Timeline of the Twentieth Century will be a great resource for you to play around with.  It offers a brief overview of each of the 12 Presidents in office during the twentieth century.  The Timeline offers biographical information and links to an ever-growing number of digitized materials ranging from documents to photographs and audio recordings.

Reviewed by F. J. Augustyn, Jr. in Choice Reviews Online this resource is:

[a] wonderfully interactive gateway to the holdings of the extant 12 presidential collections of the National Archives. . . [it] was designed and developed by the University of Texas at Austin’s College of Education in conjunction with the 12 presidential institutions and Terra Incognita Productions, with funding from an NEH grant.  This original online resource provides an interactive timeline of Presidents Hoover through Clinton, which highlights major political and personal events for each president and links to the presidential repositories. From the timeline, users can link to Exhibits (which focus on specific events, e.g., Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb, Nixon’s diplomatic trip to China) and Gallery (a searchable collection of hundreds of presidential documents, photos, letters, and audio and visual clips). The navigator bar is deceptively simple in its arrangements into categories. Three additional sections supplement the main timeline: Educators, leading to educational activities studying presidential periods; About the Project, which contains links to the presidential libraries; and the Text Version. . . The text version is not just friendlier for use with computer printers, but also contains click features to digitized versions of original typescripts (which users can enlarge for detailed analysis.) This use of texts emphasizes that history can come alive through a variety of printed formats as well as through illustrations.

Check out both the interactive timeline and the text version.  The interactive access is definitely more visually appealing, but the text version gives you a better feel for all the resources you have access to.


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